Advantages of grey iron

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The numerous advantages of grey iron make it ideal for grey iron manufacturers to produce. Let us take a look at a few of them.
• Gray iron is preferred because of its low cost. Manufacturers and grey iron casting companies prefer it over any other type because it’s very easy to manufacture.
• Although it has relatively lower tensile strength and resistance, its yield strength is much higher. Hence, its applications are way more than other cast irons.
• Grey iron has good machinability.
• Gray iron has an exceptional damping capacity. Basically, grey iron can absorb energy and convert it into heat. This makes it ideal for use in many machines and in housing.
• Grey iron is very easy to weld because of its low resistivity and ductile strength.
• Grey iron has an excellent ability to endure thermal cycling. Meaning it does well not to become hot or cold and regulates the temperature well.
• Undoubtedly, grey iron is one of the most advantageous forms of cast iron in the market.

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