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The standard of our processes, the strict control of raw materials and the constant personnel training makes the fabrication of the castings be done with quality, on time and with the best use of resources.

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Different services and a great experience in the same place combine to take the best products to our clients.

Pattern Shop foundries in mexico

“A great casting starts with good pattern”

The pattern is one of the most important elements for casting manufacturing. We count on an area dedicated to design, fabrication, and maintenance that takes care of every single pattern used at FA Foundry to comply with the specifications of the design.

Nearshoring Mexico machining gray iron casting

We enrich our services and offer a high precision machining process through our partner company Kanoff Machining, located in the same industrial complex. This competitive advantage helps us reduce time during our processes, operative improvements, and product reliability.

Inside the Heavy Industry Factory Close-up Footage of  Industrial Engineer's Hands Working on the Personal Computer with Two Monitors Designing Turbine/ Engine in 3D, Using CAD Program.
Industrial background from part of valves for power, oil or gas industry
High Quality Lab foundries in mexico

Metallographic laboratory

Nondestructive testing services

Sand laboratory

For Anticorrosive Coating

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