International Certifications guarantee our quality

Our processes have been endorsed by the most important certifications for strictly maintaining international standards and norms.


We comply with the standards of

We are affiliated with the next chambers and associations

Quality is certified

Quality and care for the environment are the passion that drives us to set new and higher standards. As a result, we have the most up-to-date certifications in the foundry industry.


International recognition

Our certifications are internationally recognized, which validates and supports the quality of the knowledge and skills acquired by our participants.


Labor Competitiveness

Earning our certifications increases job competitiveness by highlighting the skills and specialized training of professionals in the market, giving them a distinctive advantage.


Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Certificates issued by us open doors to exclusive opportunities, such as events, ongoing development programs, and connections with a global network of leading professionals in the field.


Expertise Validation

By obtaining our certifications, participants receive official validation of their experience and knowledge in the field, which contributes to strengthening their professional profile and prestige in the industry.

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