More than 55 years of experience

We are the most reliable foundry because we contribute significantly to our client’s competitiveness.

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About us

We are the most reliable foundry for US and Canada companies.

FA Foundry is the most reliable grey and ductile iron foundry in the international market. We offer integral solutions that contribute to improve our CLIENT’S COMPETITIVENESS through production, machining, heat treatment for stress relief for industrial cast iron parts, as well as engineering services for the design, fabrication, maintenance, and reparation of patterns.

FA Foundry, is a finest cast iron foundry. It uses state of the art machinery, as well as top precision equipment, processes and practices certified internationally.

FA Foundry offers machining services “in house” on castings through its sister company, Kanoff Machining.

This competitive advantage reduces manufacturing time and eliminates costs associated with the transportation of castings to machining centers.

On schedule delivery reliability and proximity to the US border makes our delivery time for our US clients the shortest on the market.

The added value of these competitive advantages translates into significant savings for our clients.

Quality is certified

Quality and care for the environment are the passion that drives us to set new and higher standards. As a result, we have the most up-to-date certifications in the foundry industry.

Why choose us?

Fast, well done and at the best price

FA Foundry is a cast iron manufacturer with the highest standards in all its processes. The strict control of raw materials, well-defined methods, and the constant personnel training deliver quality on an always on-time castings fabrication.

Our services guarantee the best product in the shortest time lapse

Different services and a great experience in the same place combine to take the best products to our clients.

Art and technology, for processes improvement

Our equipment allows us to manufacture up to 56 daily tons, for pieces from 220 up to 2500 lbs, with the appropriate capacity to machine them.

Very close and much faster

Our proximity and reliability of our processes are ideal for strengthening your business competitiveness, and these facts could be a good reason for making us your favorite ductile iron foundry.

+52 years of experience

Certification ISO 9001:2015

Casting and machinery in the same complex

Sand Casting: A metal casting process that uses sand as the mold material.

4 to 6 - weeks estimated lead time since PO

CTPAT certification

95% US exportation

$25 Million USD annual sales

100 Kg Minimum Weight per piece

1200 kg Maximum Weight gray iron

1300 kg Maximum Weight ductil iron

230 km from the Laredo, Tx border

Our nearshoring allows you to transfer casting or machining processes from your business, helping you reduce costs, inventories and operating times.

Contact us and you'll see how it's possible!


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